Super Moist® White Cake

Super Moist® White Cake

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  • Betty Crocker™ White Cake Mix
  • Vegetable Oil (up to the Ingredient Box Fill Line)
  • Water (up to the Ingredient Box Fill Line)
  • 3 egg whites
  • Betty Crocker® Whipped Vanilla Frosting
  • Redi-Wip Whipped Cream


  1. Using the Betty Crocker ™ Cake Maker’s Easy Ingredient Box, fill cake mix to line, water to “other mixes” line, oil to line and add 3 egg whites.
  2. Dump your ingredients into the Cake Baking bowl, and stir.
  3. Once it’s reached a creamy consistency, put in the microwave for 5:30. (May take 5 min depending on your microwave wattage and strength).
  4. Meanwhile, repeat step 1 with your Easy Ingredient Box (using the leftover Cake Mix).
  5. Remove the Cake Baking bowl from microwave, flip cake onto plate. Let completely cool.
  6. Rinse out Cake Baking bowl, dump the ingredients from Easy Ingredient Box for 2nd
  7. Microwave 5:30. Remove, flip onto another plate and let completely cool.
  8. Once cakes are cooled frost top of the 1st cake, top with slices strawberries (or strawberry preserve).
  9. Stack 2nd layer on top and frost all sides! Garnish with more strawberries.

Eat that up!