Rapid Brands first debuted on Shark Tank in 2012 and is now the fastest growing microwave cookware company in the world. That’s why we take the time to carefully research and develop all of our products. Each one is specifically designed to perfectly cook your favorite foods with microwave speed and stove-top quality.

Rapid Brands began in 2012 with local distribution in Sacramento, California, but our products can now be found all over the world including over 50,000 retail doors and over 1,100 college bookstores in the United States.

Our products are perfect for busy parents, college students, or simply anyone looking to get back a little more time in their lives. Rest assured that all of our products are made from high-grade polypropylene. That means each and every one is BPA free, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe.

We currently manufacture over 15 products, including our flagship Rapid Ramen Cooker. However, here at Rapid Brands we are constantly innovating new and exciting products that we know will help you to spend less time at the stove, and more time focused on the things that matter most.