Rapid Ramen Cooker: Cook The Best Ramen Within Minutes

Rapid Ramen Cooker: Cook The Best Ramen Within Minutes

Preparing a good bowl of authentic ramen is surely no joke. All the steps you need complete before you can actually get to taste the deliciousness can literally thwart you into giving up on it. “Hangry” for a bowl of ramen- let’s just accept the fact that we have all been there.
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We have all had those days when a bowl of mouthwatering ramen seems like the answer to all our problems. Give us our ramen and we might even save the world! 

Preparing a good bowl of authentic ramen is surely no joke. All the steps you need complete before you can actually get to taste the deliciousness can literally thwart you into giving up on it. “Hangry” for a bowl of ramen- let’s just accept the fact that we have all been there.

To put us out of our strenuous ramen preparing misery, Rapid Brands has introduced us to the ultimate cookware for cooking ramen within minutes with the least effort- the Rapid Ramen Cooker. Well, you know how all heroes do not wear capes? It just might be the case that this Rapid Ramen Cooker is the hero that came in the form of microwavable bowls to put an end to all of our ramen problems. 

The Birth of Rapid Ramen Cooker

Chris Johnson brought forth his amazing invention on Shark Tank, claiming that it is the world’s fastest and easiest way to cook ramen noodles. He created a ramen cooker that cooks ramen in half the time in a microwave with less water. 

During a typical lunch break in October of 2010, Chris Johnson’s craving for a bowl of ramen is what initiated his journey of Rapid Brands. He got himself a packet of instant ramen, placed it in a bowl, poured in the advised amount of water and threw it in the microwave. The result had been beyond disappointing. All he could get was a bowl of flavorless soggy noodles. This disillusionment with instant ramen made him wonder if it was possible to get some scrumptious bowl of properly cooked and flavorful ramen at a microwave speed. He set out on his journey to understand the mechanism of cooking the perfect ramen. 

His impeccable invention had been revealed to the world through Shark Tank. However, he had to face a fair share of hesitation before the judges could be convinced to invest on this invention. But it was not enough to make him quit on his mission to create the world’s fastest ramen cooker. Receiving these initial doubts led Johnson to literally walk into a local Walmart and convince the manager to sell his products at the store- the very first step to his success. He sold out! 

The judges were impressed and Mark Cuban got persuaded to invest in it. Although the deals had never been finalized, just two weeks after the show, the rapid ramen cooker was selling a whopping 25 per minute. By the year 2014, this became a nationwide sensation with more cookers on the shelves to cook macaroni, rice, brownies, oatmeal, etc. It is 2022 and the company is still ruling the ramen industry with an annual revenue of $5 million dollars and lifetime sales of $55 million dollars. 

How can a Rapid Ramen Cooker cook so fast

It is not some voodoo that the rapid ramen cooker cooks perfect ramen every time within minutes. Chris Johnson discovered the science required to serve a steaming bowl of tasty ramen keeping the consistency of the ramen noodles intact. 

Through his research, he found that in a regular bowl of ramen, there is way too much space and water for the microwave to be able to heat it up. This caused the water to get heated before the ramen could actually get cooked, resulting in some pasty ramen noodles. He set out to create such a microwave cooker bowl that will have the dimensions to prevent this shortcoming. This resulted in him coming up with the rapid ramen cooker that worked like magic. It was cooking ramen noodles faster and it did not leave the ramen noodles all soggy and pasty. 

Therefore, a rapid ramen cooker simply uses its dimension to disseminate heat equally to all the parts of the cooker resulting in the best ramen cooked within just a couple of minutes. 

Features of Rapid Ramen Cooker

A craving for some midnight snack, a last minute breakfast on a busy morning, a fast and easy dinner for your children or just a sudden hangout at your place- ramen is always there to save the day. If you have any doubts about the Rapid Ramen Cooker being the missing piece of a puzzle to your kitchenware, check these amazing features out. 

  • The Rapid Ramen Cooker is made out of high- grade polypropylene. This material makes the cooker highly heat and chemical resistant with an unprecedented stiffness. 
  • The cooker is BPA free. It means that it does not have Bisphenol A in its composition. Bisphenol A is an organic compound that has been used in plastic plates, bottles and cutlery in the past. It has been found that an exposure to a high quantity of BPA can result in harming the brain and the prostate glands of fetuses, infants and children. It might also be responsible for high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 
  • The Rapid Ramen Cooker works with most instant ramen like Top Ramen and Maruchan Nissin. So you get to choose whatever brand of ramen tastes the best to you.
  • It is absolutely microwave safe. You can even take the liberty to reheat the leftovers using the same rapid ramen cooker without worrying about the quality of the cooker or your ramen degrading. 
  • Forget the hassle of washing pots and pans as you can simply throw these cookers into the dishwasher. These are absolutely dishwasher safe and can rinse out very easily. 
  • It is reusable and durable at the same time. Even if you use it regularly, a rapid ramen cooker will typically last for a year or more. 
  • It reduces the sodium up to 50%. Since the rapid ramen cooker requires only 1 cup of water, which is half the water needed for a regular bowl of ramen, it does not require as much seasoning. The seasoning packet consists of all the sodium. So with just half of the seasoning being used, you are automatically reducing the sodium of the ramen to up to almost 50%. 


Available Sets of Rapid Ramen Cooker


Once you start using a Rapid Ramen Cooker, you will know just how handy it is. It makes life simpler in all the right ways. And the best thing about it is that Rapid Brands has made it affordable by including various deals on these cookers. 

You can get the 1 Piece Cooker Microwavable Cooker for Instant Ramen when you desperately want to satisfy your craving for ramen. It is the most practical choice for someone who lives by themselves.

You can also get the 2pc Ramen Cooker Microwavable Cookware for Instant Ramen to get your hands on two of these awesome cookers at a lesser price. This package is ideal for a pair of ramen lovers to enjoy some delicious ramen together. 

When it is something this good, can you really have enough backups? Of course not! Hence, Rapid Ramen Cooker offers you 4 Piece Ramen Cooker Microwave Ramen Noodles in 3 Minutes to bring you a brilliant package of four cookers at an affordable price. Have friends over and enjoy ramen together! 

And finally, when you are not feeling like eating by yourself or want to cook for more people at a time, just grab the Deluxe Ramen Cooker Microwavable Cookware Fits Two Packs of Instant Ramen. 

How to Use a Rapid Ramen Cooker

Using a Rapid Ramen Cooker might just be easier than boiling some water. Its hassle-free usage is one of its strongest selling points- the reason why it is everyone’s favorite ramen cooker. 

Let’s look at the detailed instructions on how to use a Rapid Ramen Cooker and decide for ourselves.

  1. Take out the instant ramen from its package and place it in the Rapid Ramen Cooker.
  2. Find the fill line and fill the cooker up with water till it touches the fill line. 
  3. Place it in the microwave and set a timer for 3 minutes. 
  4. Get it out of the microwave and add half a packet of seasoning. 
  5. Stir well to make sure that the seasoning has been evenly distributed. 
  6. Voila! Enjoy the comforting bowl of ramen. 

However, the cooking time might vary slightly depending on the kind of microwave being used. 

Is it Worth Buying a Rapid Ramen Cooker?

Microwaving ramen in regular bowls can make the ramen taste bland and leave the consistency to be all mushy and undercooked. The improper size of the bowl does not let the heat get distributed evenly throughout the entire package. This results in undercooked ramen with a pasty texture. Along with that, there is no particular measure of water to cook ramen in regular bowls. All you can do is guess the amount and pray that it turns out well. 

On the contrary, the Rapid Ramen Cooker has particularly been engineered to cook ramen in the microwave. It is constructed in a way that allows for equal heat distribution throughout the cooker at all times. Additionally, regular bowls get scalding hot in the microwave making it hard for it to be brought out. But the Rapid Ramen cookers have heat resistant handles to male it safe for everyone to cook some scrumptious ramen in as less as 3 minutes. 

So it is definitely worth a try. And once you do try, Rapid Ramen Cookers are guaranteed to become a permanent addition to your kitchenware. 


These microwavable bowls vow to take the stress of cooking on the stove away. All you need to do is grab a piece of Rapid Ramen Cooker and empty the contents of the instant ramen packet into it before putting it in the microwave. In no time it will get ready for you to enjoy some comfortingly delicious ramen at home.