Although a long time dentist herself, Dr. Speed couldn’t do much when her dog Chloe started losing teeth due to aging. It opened her eyes to the impact of a lack of proper dental care for dogs. Dr. Terri Speed addressed this problem by launching a 7 tool set at-home dental kit for dogs in January 2022. Her slogan being, “You don’t have to be a dentist to do this. As long as you love your dog and your animals, they will let you do anything.” It sold out in 2 weeks on Amazon!

As Seen on TV

The ALL-IN-ONE dental kit to protect your dog’s teeth at home. No more anxiety-ridden trips to the vet for your dog just to get those dirty teeth cleaned. Save time, money and effort by cleaning them at home with ease.

Key Features of Dr. Speed's Dog Dental Care Kit

Convenient to use at home

Bad breath and dental issues can be a cause of frequent anxious visits to the dentist. This kit is built to provide you with all the necessary dental tools so that you can clean your dog’s teeth at home with ease. Each tool is designed to facilitate thorough and painless cleaning to promote good oral hygiene for your dog.

Dental Tools

This all-in-one dental kit consists of 7 dental tools to cover all the spots in your dog’s mouth. You get 3 disposable twist blades of three sizes- small, medium and large to use as dental picks, 1 mirror to enable you to check all the areas of the mouth, 1 pet toothbrush and 2 grooved handles for a comfortable grip.

Food Engager System

Make your dog cooperate with you while you clean its teeth. The unique food engager system is designed as a small bowl to hold a small amount of your dog’s favorite food. Allow your pet to sniff it while you gently clean its teeth.

Pet Friendly

This top-tier dental kit is made out of pet-friendly silicone and durable stainless steel. These will remove all the dirt from your pet’s teeth with some extra love and care for their health.