Rapid Popcorn Popper

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Everyone loves fresh popcorn! Microwavable bags can leave popcorn oily and burnt, and using the stovetop can be a time-consuming process. The Rapid Popcorn Popper ensures that you have the perfect amount of popcorn every single time. The specially designed lid flips once your popcorn is done so you can use it to carry it wherever you need to go! 

Product Features:

  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Heat resistant handles
  • High-Grade Polypropylene
  • Up to 5 years Durability

4 reviews for Rapid Popcorn Popper

  1. Jim D

    This Rapid Popcorn Popper is a great alternative to bagged microwaveable popcorn for those who love a good batch of hot, fresh popcorn. No oil, no strange colored powders, just popcorn. using this popper is easy: Just pour in kernels up to the fill line (about a half inch from the bottom), clamp on the cover, and run it in the microwave. Throw on a little butter, a little salt if you want, and dig in.

  2. Trudy

    I have to say I just love this popcorn popper it looks like the popcorn bag I use to get at the theater when I was a child. This is so easy to use, by putting popping kernels in the container up to the fill line and putting the lid on and microwaving for about 3 1/2 to 4 minutes (depending on microwave). Be careful opening the lid due to steam build up as with any container microwaved with a lid. I got perfect popcorn every time and added my own butter amount and almost every kernel was popped, which almost never happens in any popcorn cooking. I love it.

  3. Cyncris

    Does this work? Yes it does! It’s is also very easy to use. This popper is BPA-free so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals transferring to your popped corn. 

  4. Emmaleigh Mitchell

    This little popper is pretty great! I was a little weary…but I shouldn’t have been! This is super cheap. It takes about twenty-five cents worth of popcorn kernels and doesn’t require oil…. but you need salt. I didn’t have to risk burning a hole through my eye because unlike popping on the stove, there were no kernels flying at my face!

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