Rapid Mac Cooker

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Over 1 million sold. The Rapid Mac Cooker is the fastest and easiest way to cook delicious mac and cheese in the microwave in minutes! You can now cook an entire box of stove top quality macaroni and cheese all in one bowl – no more pots, pans, or strainers! Rapid Mac cooks macaroni and cheese in just 5 minutes compared to 20 minutes on the stove.

Product Features:

  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Heat resistant handles
  • High-Grade Polypropylene
  • Up to 5 years Durability

10 reviews for Rapid Mac Cooker

  1. Christie

    I love this thing! With 2 young boys, we eat a lot of mac and cheese. It used to be a big ordeal to make it and it would dirty numerous dishes. Now, it takes about 5 minutes and no extra dishes, since you don’t need to drain the noodles. It comes out perfectly al dente (the way my kids and I like it). Best invention ever? I think so.

  2. Jessica

    Ever wish that when you buy something it would actually work the way it was described? If you answered yes AND you have an itch to cook mac n cheese the way the good Lord intended then here is the answer to your prayers! This little blue dish magically serves up delicious cheesy goodness every time with precision. I love it!

  3. Sarah

    My kids and I love this. It does take longer to cook and a little more water than what it says but, if you add a little bit of extra water and 4 more minutes to the cook time. It’s easy and comes out great.

  4. William L. Butts

    I got it as a joke, but I actually LOVE it! Super easy and less mess, I ended up buying more and a few for friends. (Who loved it as well)

  5. Jellissimo

    Where have you been all my life! I live alone, and I don’t have a dishwasher, so I really hate to dirty a pan and a strainer just to make something as simple as mac and cheese, but I can’t justify the cost of those single serving microwaveable cups of the stuff. This solves that problem – it’s so easy!

  6. Kyle Sorth

    This works great! this stays at the office so that I can make a quick lunch. At work I don’t follow directions as I was experiencing boil over. What I do now is start with hot water from the coffee pot. I then cook this for 2:30 at 60% power twice and stir in between. This cooks it perfectly and I haven’t made another mess since.

  7. Tammy Castleberry

    I love the entire line of Rapid cookers. I’ve never had a boil-over as long as the water doesn’t go over the line. Be sure to put the pasta in first then add water to the fill line. Stir after 2 1/2 minutes to keep the mac from clumping together and add the cheese powder after cooking.

  8. Jax

    Ever wanted to have an entire box of mac n cheese cook as easy and quickly as easy mac? This is your answer. I used this every couple of days for lunch at work where we only have a microwave.

  9. Gramma

    The grand kids love this. My grandson won’t let his sister use it because he thinks she will find a way to break it. I had to get his big sister one too. My daughter says they use it all the time.

  10. Mona

    After spending the past 4 years spending more money to buy Easy Mac (instead of regular Mac & Cheese) for my impatient child, I found this item and I love it! 4 1/4 minutes cook time is only 30 seconds longer than Easy Mac and I can make 3 servings for him out of one $.99 box, rather than the $3 that 3 servings of Easy Mac would cost. I bought this 2 weeks ago and it has already paid for itself by saving me money on Mac & Cheese.

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