Rapid Egg Cooker

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The Rapid Egg Cooker makes delicious, fluffy eggs in the microwave in under 2 minutes! Eggs are the perfect protein filled breakfast food, but not everybody has time to make them in the morning. With 3 easy steps, the Rapid Egg Cooker will cook perfect eggs in under 2 minutes!

Product Features:

  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Heat resistant handles
  • High-Grade Polypropylene 
  • Up to 5 years Durability
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11 reviews for Rapid Egg Cooker

  1. Joanna Ovalle

    My son is 13 and loves to eat scrambled eggs, I got this for him so that he would not make a mess in the kitchen. It is easy to use, the eggs come out perfect in less than 90 seconds and my son can be eating in no time. Clean up is easy I don’t have all those extra dishes to do and not worry that my son is going to burn anything either. This is going to be great for those times that I am making breakfast for dinner since eggs are always the last thing that I make so they can be fresh.

  2. Tina D

    If you hate cleaning egg pans from the stove after they are cook. Then you should try this Egg Cooker. This thing is so easy to use. You had just a little of milk. Then two eggs. 1min in 20 seconds in microwave it said.

  3. Robert L. Hoover

    Fantastic product! Cooks eggs as advertised. Two delicious eggs perfectly cooked & slides off cooking dish easily. Higher recommend this to anyone in a hurry & don’t want to clean a pan.

  4. Lee

    So quick and easy to make scrambled eggs.

  5. Diane Harmon

    Works exactly as described.

  6. R. Messier

    Quick cooker for fast eggs in the AM.

  7. Netty

    This bowl eliminates the messy bowl, all you have to do is use the bowl included, microwave the eggs, and eat out of the same bowl. No mess/no stress.

  8. Helen W. Mills

    Bought this for my brother because he doesn’t have a stove to cook eggs. He is enjoying it.

  9. Debbie

    So great to have at work and it only takes 1.15 minutes to have fluffy scrambled eggs.

  10. Eric

    I’ve nuked plenty of eggs. I’ve used mugs, plastic egg poachers, etc. This product is the easiest, most foolproof way to do it. No having to figure out how much you can fit in it without it overflowing mid-cook, no lid popping from too much steam, etc.

  11. Santiago

    I’ve had one of these for a few months and it does work well (depending on how picky you are). The one thing Rapid Brands seems to do well with these products is to mold the instructions right into the bowls (they did this with the brownie maker as well). That sounds trivial but if you only use these products occasionally it is extremely handy.

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